Since the creation of this website (March 2018), a few testimonials have been emailed to Richard. Thank you to the individuals for taking the time to share their experiences of Richard’s healing.


I had been hobbling around with an ankle injury for a while, it didn’t seem to be getting any better and at times it gave me a lot of pain and discomfort. When we met, you noticed that I was finding walking difficult and offered to help through healing. I had never thought about having healing before. I really didn’t know what to expect but it was the such calming and serene experience. During the healing we chatted, I felt like I had known you all my life and you put me at great ease and the time just flew.

The next morning I got up without even thinking about my ankle, it was much improved and the puffy swelling had shrunk. Needless to say I asked for a few more sessions. After a while I felt my well being improve, energy levels greatly increased and a more positive outlook on life that had been lacking.

I feel I am so lucky that I met you, you have helped me so much and forever indebted words fail to convey. Thank you.

Vanessa Gray.

* * *

  I just wanted to thank you for the energy healing sessions. I always feel better and more invigorated after each session. The healing has improved my sleep, provided me with an immense sense of calm and helped to ground me more fully in myself and environment. The feeling is hard to explain and no words I can find will likely do it justice! Physically it has had such phenomenal results that I feel it’s wrong to keep this a secret. I have found you to be such a kind, supportive healer, who immediately put me at ease. I leave each session feeling lighter and energised, usually after a thought provoking chat about the universe too! I am genuinely fascinated by the whole process, and cannot thank you enough for the work you have done on me (and my young son with his allergies). I would highly recommend your healing sessions to anyone who is thinking of giving them a try, you certainly have a natural talent and enthusiasm for helping people that has been refreshing for us. We feel very lucky to have found you – Thank you for all the time and energy you have shared with us.

– Rachel Bradbury. 

* * *


  Went to Richard with stress and anxiety, left Richard after five sessions feeling like a new man. The most unobtrusive form of healing, with such great affect.

– Alasdair Gordon. 

* * *

Now, I’ve got to be very careful here when I talk about how much Richard has helped me because I’m his Mum and if I enthuse too much people will think “Well, she would wouldn’t she.”
Briefly, I was diagnosed 5 years ago with Osteoporosis of my spine and hips together with the crippling condition of Polymyalgia which is a dreadfully painful and debilitating muscular condition  which results in severely disturbed sleep and very restricted movement and awful fatigue and disablement.
I was given the appropriate medical treatment which gave me two separate years of pain relief which made me feel better but my symptoms returned at the end of each episode of treatment. I was unable to have further treatment as my bone density had deteriorated further as a result of it. Very depressing and all I could do was constantly take painkillers.
Then, as I was no longer on drugs Richard took over. We had five or six half hourly sessions on consecutive evenings when he sat behind me with his hands on my shoulders  which gave me a lovely relaxing warm sensation. At the end of the first session I felt different – I can’t describe the difference except that I could move more easily and for the first time in ages, that night I slept like a log. After subsequent sessions things continued to improve and I was feeling so much better. I could get out of bed without struggling, get up out of low chairs virtually painlessly  and, best of all, I could go up and down stairs properly instead of one at a time.
Then alas it was time  for Richo to go off on his travels again and he gave me strict instructions to keep exercising. Secretly I was afraid I’d get poorly again without our sessions but he said I would continue to improve as long as I kept moving.  I have improved. I can now go for walks (with a stick) with my granddaughter, I now do 150 stairs a day and intend to do more now the weather’s improving (they’re outdoor steps) and I’ve started on the garden! Thank you to my darling Son – I don’t know how you do it – but you do (though I hoped you’d be able to make me young again – but you haven’t.)
– Judy Kimberley.


All testimonials have been received via email.