Booking Healing Sessions

Depending on which area/country you are in, and where Richard is at the time, he will generally come to you or be based at a regular location not too far away from you. He has mobile facilities or he can work in your own home, etc.

The most straightforward way to book healing sessions is to simply message Richard with your phone number using the facility below and he’ll give you a call.

Believing strongly in proper, traditional communication, Richard does not have fancy online booking facilities as he believes it’s important to have a chat first.  That way you get the feel for how Richard works and get to know him more as a person.

Healing sessions are on a one to one basis but you are more than welcome to have a partner/friend/family member come along. The actual healing is free, however a donation of £30 per session is requesed for Richard’s time, skill and attention.

Group healing sessions can also be arranged.

Healing sessions are also available in a Hospices and Hospitals – no donation is requested under these circumstances.