Richard Kimberley – Natural Healer

Richard Kimberley is a natural bio-energy healer, treating humans and animals. Working with energy to re-balance the body’s own natural energy structures and frequencies in order to restore health and relieve unwanted ailments and symptoms.
The human body has evolved over many years and is an amazing machine. At a cellular level, our DNA contains the secrets to our existence and within that there is the capability and potential to heal whatever condition we are unfortunate enough to acquire in life. Wellness and illness are set by energetic frequencies within every one of us which vibrate consistently.
As an energy healer, Richard balances those structural levels within the individual. Almost everything can be cured given the correct treatment and the right conditions. Richard will provide the treatment (and the environment) for healing to take place. It’s not mysterious, it’s not peculiar, and you certainly do not have to be a believer for it to work.
During a healing session, you’ll be sitting comfortably as Richard places his hands on your shoulders, channeling healing energy and working with your energies to correct imbalancies, and ultimately, putting right the issues you’re experiencing.
The way people react to Richard’s healing can be astonishing. The changes made to lives after healing sessions with Richard can be phenomenal. Clients discover Richard through recommendations and word of mouth alone. His healing abilities are not advertised anywhere, other than this basic web page which was created to provide a simple way of learning about Richard’s healing abilities.